Collaborative Cannabis Alliance Silver Membership

$300.00 Per Year - Billed Annually

Southern California Cannabis Council is dedicated to meeting its mission and vision by working collectively with everyone in the industry. The work of local trade organizations is at the front lines of issues and challenges facing their communities. It is through our collaborative efforts that we can further the cause and create alliances and strengthen one another. The Southern California Cannabis Council (SCCC) has developed the CCA committee to allow all local organizations the opportunity to work collectively under the umbrella of our regional structure. The alliance between local groups and the SCCC regional presence allows for the mutual sharing of information, support and resources and mutual beneficial opportunities for all. CCA members must meet specific criteria and can participate in all SCCC events and programs. Collectively we will collaborate on cannabis industry efforts while allowing local organizations the benefits of SCCC membership at a minimal fee.  

Eligibility Requirements

CCA association members must have:

  • Proof of operation for more than six months
  • Have dues paying membership of at least 20 members
  • Have an elected Board of Directors
  • Have nonprofit articles of incorporation filed within the state of operation
  • Have adopted bylaws
  • Be willing to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the SCCC and the local organization
  • Remain current and in good standing with dues and organizational operation standards