Executive Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Rayce Jonsrud
Founder / President
MAP$ Board of Directors
Pillar Chair Money & Banking
Area: National
Elsa Rodriguez - Fitzgerald
Founder / Vice President 
Pillar Chair Education & Training
Principal, Western Education Institute - WEI
Area: Inland Empire
Dr. Robin Goins - Cornell
Pillar Chair Business Best Practices
Principal - Western Education Institute (WEI) / DR.G Consulting / Mystic Valley CBD
Area: National
Brian Spaak
Business Best Practices - Risk Management
VP HUB International
Area: Ventura County
Alexis D'Angelo
Legislation & Advocacy
Area: LA County
Josh Miller
Pillar Chair Chair Ecoonomic Development
Operations Quadrow / Mystic Valley CBD
Area: Inland Empire
Heather Fife
Economic Development
Area: San Diego County
John Perricone
Cultivation & Advocacy
Double Clef Management
Area: National
Curtis Stafford
Legislation & Advocacy / Economic Development
Zyrs Data & Debt Collection
Area: LA County
Felicia Flournoy
Education & Training - Workforce
Innovative Workforce Strategies
Area: National